About Us


Bankruptcy Preparation Services has been dedicated to preparing affordable bankruptcy documents in Indiana for almost 30 years. Founded by Linda Foltz, it has served countless people as they navigate their way through bankruptcy; as well as offering confidence and support during a difficult time in their lives.

Linda’s priority has always been to provide a helpful service at a price people can afford. Her business reflects that priority through the hundreds of referrals it receives every year for bankruptcy preparation in Indiana. Those who have been helped in the past guide their family, friends, co-workers, church family and even strangers to the same front door that has been open for so many.

What you can expect from Bankruptcy Preparation Services

BKPrep was founded on principles of quality and care. Since then, the quality people have come to expect from Bankruptcy Preparation Services has joined with the resources people need to do more than just wipe the financial slate clean. Anyone looking for those resources can leave our services confident that they have a direction to go after their bankruptcy is complete.
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