Services & Fees


In order to qualify for our Chapter 7 services, please let us know if you meet the following requirements…

  1. You have NOT filed bankruptcy within the past 8 years (Sign up for PACER to check exact dates)
  2. Your payments are current (or will be current) on any property you want to keep (house, car, furniture, appliances etc). 
  3. If you are buying/own your home, please let us know what your property value is. (Go to Resources & Forms Page for more details)
  4. Your household income, including any government or family support, is at or less than the amounts provided by the Indiana Bankruptcy Court OR you have extra expenses that lower your available income.



STAGE 1: Document and fee collection (payments are allowed) – Pay w/ Card FREE through CASH APP
STAGE 2: Preparation. Normally completed within 5-10 business days as long as we have good communication with you for any documents still needed or other details required. 
STAGE 3: Screen Shots. We send an email asking for any further details needed, along with screen shots for your approval. Do NOT reply with something like “Everything looks good”. That tells us you did not read our email.
STAGE 4: Signing. We send you the link to pick the day and time, or schedule you over the phone, to come in and sign the final paperwork for you to drop off.


Due to the high demand for our services, it is important that we have good communication with you and quick responses to questions. For fast service, we need the following:

  1. Payment in full (Either Cash, money order, Paypal or Cash App accepted)

    • Our FeesMake Card Payments FREE through CASH APP (CASHTAG: $BKPREP)

      – Individual Intake and Preparation: $365*
      – Joint Intake and Preparation: $400* 

      *$100 minimum at first appointment. Fee must be paid in full before paperwork can be finalized.

    • Other Fees

      – Court Required Certificates: $25-$100 total (Go to Resources & Forms Page for more details)
      – Court Filing Fee: $335 (waiver application may be requested)

  2. All documents completed from our Preparation Packet (Go to Resources & Forms Page for more details)

  3. Creditor information from 2 or more of the following (Go to Resources & Forms Page for more details)

  4. Good communication with you – quick responses

  5. Complete information – please read emails/questions completely and answer everything. 

Remember, we are here to help you! The faster we get what we need, the faster we can complete your paperwork.