Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Indiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy information resources are provided on our website for reference to those in need.

In our experience, a Chapter 7 tends to be used to stop collections or other actions from creditors. Often if debt consolidation is not an option or a debtor is being or about to be garnished. For details about Chapter 7 process, eligibility and other information, please review the online resources made available by the US Federal Bankruptcy Court’s official website. We highly recommend taking the time to read over this information.

Here are some topics that are included in the above Chapter 7 Bankruptcy information:

  • Other options besides Bankruptcy
  • A Background of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Qualifications
  • How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works. Including:
    • Documents needed to complete the process
    • Chapter 7 Filing Fee
    • Chapter 7 Fee Waiver
    • How Chapter 7 can protect you and your property
    • What’s expected at the meeting with the Trustee
  • The Role of the Trustee in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    • What is an Automatic Stay and how it protects you
    • What happens with assets
    • Creditor restrictions and time limits
  • What is a Discharge 
  • Additional Notes

Other Helpful Links and forms can be found on the Resources & Forms page.